Ginger and Tom. USA. 2016

24th May 2017
We could not let another minute go by, however, without thanking you for one of the most spectacular experiences of our lives. The sailing trip was simply superb. Of course the backdrop of the scenery in Sardinia and Corsica was unbeatable and unforgettable, but what impressed us the most was your quiet competence/sailing expertise, attention to detail and ongoing efforts to ensure the highest standards of service. As you know, we are experienced sailors and noticed little things that others may not that speak to your concern for safety first, always important on sailing trips, and for ensuring the best possible trip for your passengers. We appreciated Lea's attentiveness as well. Great meals and service! Both of you are also excellent companions. By the end of the trip we felt that we had known you for a long time. I truly hope that our paths will cross again in the future. Again, many, many thanks.